Installation Steps

We always recommend hiring a certified professional plumber to install your burner and test. Use the Yellow Pages in your area to find a plumber.


Step 1 Cleaning Your Fireplace

The most important part of the installation is cleaning your fireplace. Place the plastic drop cloth included in your kit on the floor in front of your fireplace to make sure your hearth and carpet don't get dirty. You can also put plastic around the fireplace to make sure nothing gets dirty or paint overspray. Scoop any ashes from a previous fire, and remove the grate and fireplace screen and log lighter or burner that may be installed. Then using a wire brush, clean the fireplace inside to remove any soot deposits. Remember, paint does not stick to soot. Make sure to clean up in the top of the fireplace and clean the damper if you can get to it. This makes sure that nothing falls on your new Fire On Glass. After cleaning everything, vacuum out the fireplace completely, and wipe everything down with a clean cloth.



Step 2 Painting Your Fireplace

Make sure and open windows in the house and turn on a fan to get as much ventilation as possible before painting. Also make sure to tape off everything that you don't want painted. Then using the High Temperature Spray Paint and a painters mask, paint the inside of your fireplace til you get the desired color.



Step 3 Installing The Burner


If you are not skilled in installing gas piping and burners, please contact a plumber to do this step. Using the supplied Yellow Teflon Gas Tape that is supplied in the glass kit, install your burner. Make sure the burner is centered in the fireplace and installed with the holes facing up.Along with making sure that no direct flame is hitting the flex pipe. After the burner is installed, light the burner to test the flame pattern. If you are happy with the placement of the burner, then go to the next step.



Step 4 Installing The Glass


This is the easiest part. Pour the glass in the fireplace starting from the back and moving forward. Make sure to cover the burner and inlet pipe completely. The glass should be flat on top, then angle down at the front of the fireplace. If you are installing a topping color, then add it to the top, sprinkle or pour an entire layer to cover. Then light the fireplace again and enjoy.