Fireplace Glass Kits

This is our First in the Industry Fireplace Glass Kits. The kits come with everything you need to install glass in your fireplace including Burner in your choice of 16" or 22", a 12" whisper quiet gas flex hose to connect your burner, and teflon tape to seal your burner connections plus 35 pounds of your choice of glass with the 18" burner and 60 pounds of your choice of glass with the 24" burner. When measuring your fireplace for the burner, make sure you have at least 3" on each side of the burner in the middle of the fireplace. If you are not sure, or question that the 24" burner might be too long, go with the 18" burner, it is used in 90% of the fireplaces that we do. Or simply give us a call and we can help you more. You can also purchase 5 pounds of another color of glass to add as a topper to get a look like a glass mix, this allows you to sprinkle the additional glass on top until you get the desired look.